Rob Bonfiglio

Musical Director, Producer, Guitarist

Wilson Phillips

"I WAS A MAJOR SKEPTIC that high-end cables

changed my mind in a big way."

could offer any sonic improvements, but WIREWORLD

Bobby Owsinski

Producer, Educator, Author

"I couldn’t believe my ears after I plugged my guitar

straight to the Amp using a Wireworld cable."

Fabrizio Sotti

Jazz Guitarist

jazz musician Fabrizio Sotti, guitarist

Record Producer



Wireworld cable technology, Rob Bonfiglio, Wilson Philips


Clarity we never realized we were missing.

 Spectacular. Absolutely spectacular.”

Richard Fortus, Guns N Roses, Guitarist

Richard Fortus


Guns N Roses

Record Producer

Lij Shaw

The Toy Box Studio

Hay Bale Studio –  Bonnaroo


"The Wireworld guitar cables are incredibly flexible.

The sound is clean and clear.

No crackles plus these cables can

withstand the rigors of touring! Usually

a cable that flexible isn't roadworthy.

These are and they sounds great!"



Mastering Engineer

Greg Calbi

Senior Mastering Engineer

Sterling Sound Mastering, NYC


“Wireworld increased my tone tenfold which makes me play

 that much better. When you sound great you play great!

Lance Lopez

Supersonic Blues Machine


WIREWORLD cables have made my entire SONIC LIFE Better.”

Stu Hamm

Bass Guitarist

Recording Engineer

Nathan Holliday

Producer, Recording Engineer

Recorded with Wireworld Cables

Anna Kolchina

Cole Rolland

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Vernon Reid

Living Color


              "the noise completely disappeared as if

nothing was plugged in, also a

                   significantly better sound.

    You can always add more dirt but

                                       you can't take it away!"

Shasha Ostrovsky

Pedal Steel Guitarist

Darius Rucker Band

"An INCREDIBLE Experience,

 as if there were no cable, Just PURENESS of tone."

"WIREWORLD cables added immeasurably

fantastic results."

to the quality I can achieve in mastering.

I love them!"

"The Wireworld cables are super light weight,

have great flexibility and they sound really, really great.

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