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Welcome to Wireworld Pro Audio – a division of Wireworld Cable Technology, the technology and innovation leader in high-end audio/video cable founded in 1992. While Wireworld cables have been used in recording and mastering studios for well over a decade, there is now a division specifically for the pro audio and music industries.


With a range of products from instrument cables to microphone/ balanced interconnects, digital audio cables, speaker cables and shielded power cords, our patented designs provide superior translation and the intense tone that musicians crave.


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DNA HELIX – The goal of Wireworld’s patented DNA* Helix cable technology is to enable us to experience music without the losses and colorations normally caused by cables. Controlled listening tests show that the primary sonic effects of cables are caused by electromagnetic effects. The effect called eddy current resistance, which increases as strands are twisted, is especially problematic because it masks quiet musical details. To overcome those issues, the strands in the DNA Helix designs are completely parallel, providing the most direct signal path for the lowest eddy current resistance. These parallel strands run within flat insulated conductors layered in patterns that channel electromagnetic energy and reject interference.



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Here's how it works.

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*Delineated Neutralizing Array

UNI-PATH – The exclusive Uni-Path design used in Wireworld USB and HDMI cables provides similar advantages to the more complex DNA Helix design in smaller scale applications. Uni-Path improves electromagnetic efficiency and shielding, enabling more of the original signal information to be reproduced, improving both sound quality and video imaging.


FLUXFIELD –The Fluxfield design in our power conditioning cords features 24 insulated wires coiled around flat inner cores to maximize inductive and capacitive filtering. Twin high-density shields prevent noise from entering or radiating outward. These unique elements minimize noise and line resonances, especially with longer lengths. The flat, flexible design coils effortlessly for easy handling.

Wireworld was founded with the unique mission of perfecting audio cables through objective listening tests. With the invention of the CES Innovations Award winning Cable Comparator™ (US Patent 5,740,255), we created a better way to test cables for musical preservation. Our objective listening tests are far more revealing than normal cable comparisons because the cables are compared to a virtually perfect test control, a direct connection between components. We call these listening tests ‘Cable Polygraphs’ and we are now sharing 24/96 wave files of recorded cable tests in our Cable Polygraph Library.


Audio professionals around the world have verified the effectiveness of cable polygraph testing. Robert Harley, editor of The Absolute Sound, described cable polygraph testing as “illuminating insight into exactly how each cable affects the sound”. A leading author of audio engineering books, Bobby Owsinski, stated “I was a major skeptic that high end cables could offer any sonic improvement, but Wireworld changed my mind in a big way”. This testing advantage has led to several patents including the DNA Helix cable technology, and it has enabled us to optimize the material blends in our ultra-quiet Composilex 3 insulation. These powerful innovations have enabled Wireworld to create the highest fidelity audio cables in the world.


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Highest conductivity premium quality materials.

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A common misconception is that the gauge of a speaker wire is all that matters. Heavier is better, right? Wrong. Gauge can make a difference, but the cable design and material quality can have an even greater impact on performance. That is why we focus on developing the most efficient designs and producing them with the best quality materials available in each price range. For example, the conductors in our least expensive cables are oxygen-free copper and our ultimate cables use Ohno Continuous-Cast® 7N (99.99999% pure) solid silver.


Metal conductivity is equally important for plugs. Our silver-clad OFC plug contacts are three times more conductive than the common bright gold over nickel plating used on costume jewelry and most other brands.

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Beyond the advantages of the best conductor materials, our second  and third generation composite insulation, Composilex 2 and Composilex 3, preserve the purity of the signal by minimizing triboelectric noise better than any conventional low-loss insulation materials, including DuPont Teflon®. This proprietary material provides rewarding improvements in vividness, focus and dynamic contrast. With these innovations, Wireworld cables have advanced the art of reproducing the power and delicacy of music.


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Composilex® 2/3


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A love of music. A passion for innovation. A flair for industrial design. A quest for detail. The innate ability to prove the naysayers wrong time and time again. This is who we are. Like many audiophiles, David Salz has spent decades refining his music listening experience. He is truly passionate about using objective listening tests to create cables that preserve the finest details and expression of music. The closer we get to bringing the intensity and beauty of live music to your listening room, the closer we have come to achieving our goals.


It began in 1980, when David realized the only way to discover what was being lost by a cable was to remove it altogether. Instead of simply comparing cables, he began testing them against virtually perfect direct connections made by docking components together with custom adapters. The knowledge gleaned from decades of these tests led to several patents as David continued to develop cable designs that sound closer and closer to the ultimate purity of a direct connection. In short, David developed more effective testing that provided real answers and real solutions, not just different results.


In the '90s David partnered with V.P. / Operations, Sara Flaaten, and together they moved the company in a direction of steady growth and progress with dedication to loyal, well-trained staff and excellent customer service; people that take pride in creating a product that truly does live up to its reputation. Try Wireworld cables for yourself if the feeling of a live performance is what you want for your listening experience.

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